When it comes to moving to a new city, knowing where to start to find a new home can be an overwhelming task.

Quite often your initial information will be limited to some Google searches, property rental sites and Facebook Groups of people in a similar situation. Nobody ever said house hunting was easy – the process typically presents many challenges especially when moving to an unfamiliar city. But if you are moving to Brisbane, there’s no reason to despair.

Here are the most important points to understand, when moving to Brisbane.

  1. Orientation of Your Home. Brisbane is hot in summer, so the orientation of the home is important to understand. Rooms on the western side of the house can be very uncomfortable in the intense afternoon sun.
  2. Consider a Pool. The Brisbane climate makes having a pool a real bonus, especially for families who aren’t used to the heat. This may seem like a luxury but some families only seek homes with pools after living here for a while.
  3. Commuting. When commuting in Brisbane it is important to avoid bottlenecks. One of the big advantages to Brisbane is that there are still affordable pockets where your commute to the CBD can be less then 30 minutes.
  4. The Beaches. Our bayside (Manly, Sandgate and Cleveland) is not like the northern beaches of Sydney or the bayside of Melbourne. These suburbs are popular with those that live there, and offer a lovely lifestyle, but not the typical ‘beach life’. And, if you live in the inner suburbs of Brisbane you are more likely to jump on the motorways to either the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast to get to the beach on the weekends.
  5. Outdoor Areas. Outdoor areas are important given the Brisbane climate. You will find different styles of homes in Brisbane, such as modern multi-story or the traditional Queenslander (wooden weatherboard), but one thing home buyers commonly desire is an outdoor area tosit and relax on.
  6. North side vs. South side. People often talk about north or south of the river as being their favourite. To be honest, both sides of the river have great and very comparable suburbs with similar lifestyles and budgets.
  7. Air Conditioning. Again Brisbane is hot, so if there isn’t air conditioning in the bedrooms you may be in for some very uncomfortable nights in the peak of summer.

When moving to a new city it is important to start with the basics like those above then continually revise your brief as you consider what is important to you in your current circumstances.