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What Is A Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s agent assists home buyers and property investors to navigate the property market. They are experienced in buying property, specialising in finding and transacting on a property purchase and familiar with the process in their relevant state.

What is the Difference Between a Buyer’s Agent and a Real Estate Agent?

Buyer’s agents assist clients to looking to purchase a property, whereas a Real Estate agent will assist a property owner sell their home. Buyer’s agents work exclusively for buyers, unlike a Real Estate agent who is legally acting for vendors to get the highest possible price for the seller’s home.

What are the Benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent?

Appointing a reputable Brisbane buyer’s agent such as The Informed Buyer can reduce the financial risk when purchasing property by having an expert assess properties, negotiate and bid at auctions. Buyer’s agents can help their clients navigate all types of markets and get early access to market updates so can secure a great opportunity that you would otherwise be unaware of.

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What are the best Brisbane suburbs to buy in?

We work primarily in the premium inner city Brisbane suburbs which include Ashgrove, Bardon, Clayfield, Chelmer, Grange, Indooroopilly, Wilston and the surrounding areas. You gain the advantage of our insider knowledge of these areas to be in better buying position from our years of experience in these areas, including knowing the best streets to buy in, avoiding busy thoroughfares and the best school catchments.

I am currently interstate or overseas should I use a Buyer’s Agent?

This is what we specialise in! If you are looking to move to Brisbane or an investor not based here, we can guide you through the search and purchase of the perfect property. We keep you up to date through the whole process with regular communication to ensure you are happy and well informed right up until we negotiate and secure the best deal for you.

Exactly which parts of the property buying process do you handle?

This will depend on what type of service you choose to go ahead with, though our most common is our comprehensive service which covers all aspects of house hunting and the property transaction. Not only can a buyer’s agent relieve the emotional load from doing all the groundwork of short-listing the right properties, attending open homes and liaising with sales agents, we also take care of all the technical tasks of organising building and pest inspections, reviewing building and pest reports, performing due diligence checks, researching property values, and developing auction strategies. In short, we do all the hard work that most busy professionals don’t have the time to do satisfactorily.

Do you have knowledge of Queensland property law and contracts?

Definitely, this is where our expertise can help immensely as property purchase contracts are complex and if you don’t have contract experience or are from interstate or overseas you will likely be unfamiliar with the intricacies of Queensland property law and contracts. We will also introduce you to the best legal professionals who will guide you through the contract and ensure you are comfortable signing on the dotted line.

Does your Brisbane Buyer’s Agency receive commissions from third parties?

Many buyer’s agent pay or receive financial benefits outside of the fees they charge clients.  This is because commissions and referral fees are common practise in the industry and most don’t question this or perceive it to be unethical. For example if a sales agent has recommended you speak to a certain buyer’s agent it is common that the sales agent will take a percentage of your fee that you are paying for the introduction of that business. This can lead to all sorts of conflicts of interest as would that buyers agent feel obligated to also buy from the sales agent? At The Informed Buyer we do not accept any kick-backs or pay any referral fees for any services whatsoever. Nor are we aligned to any builders, developers or real estate brands, conveyancers, brokers or sales agents. We are 100% transparent and independent and by being an honest, open and ethical buyer’s agency we believe it is our central point of difference.

What are the fees for a Buyer’s Agent in Brisbane?

Buyer’s agents in Brisbane in general charge either a flat fee or a commission based off a percentage of the purchase price, that can range anywhere between 1.5% and 3% for a comprehensive service, depending on the quality and experience of the buyer’s agent. Contact us to find out more about our fees and provide you a quote that reflects your individual needs. Keep in mind that using a Buyer’s Agent can often save money with our expert negotiation and market knowledge as well as finding off-market properties.

Why choose The Informed Buyer to help me find a Brisbane property?

If you ask anyone who has recently bought a home about their experience, they will probably tell you it was time consuming, frustrating, nerve-racking and complicated. If you ask the same question of someone who has partnered with The Informed Buyer, they will tell you the process was quite the opposite. In fact, they would tell you having an expert by their side made all the difference. We pride ourselves on the fact that our Brisbane buyer’s agency is built on word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals and are very happy to put you in touch to speak with past clients to share their experience working with us.

What makes The Informed Buyer different from other Brisbane Buyer’s Agents?

With specialised experience and qualifications in business and finance our Principal Buyer’s Agent has strong connections within the Brisbane Real Estate industry. Jayne is highly regarded in the industry and is often called upon for her expert advice. Her understanding of the Brisbane property market is second to none and this enables her to provide precise and prompt advice and guidance to clients. When engaging ‘The Informed Buyer’ to help locate and secure a Brisbane Property you will work direct with Jayne and her associate Vannessa as they only take on a small handful of clients to work to the unique needs of each client.

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