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Are You Commuting Past More Affordable Suburbs?

If you commute by train each day and are looking to buy property, check this out as you might find a shorter commute saves you money too. I've compiled and posted below a map showing current (Sept 2018) median house prices vs travel times to Central Station....

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7 Things to Know About Brisbane Before You Move

When it comes to moving to a new city, knowing where to start to find a new home can be an overwhelming task. Quite often your initial information will be limited to some Google searches, property rental sites and Facebook Groups of people in a similar situation....

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Moving to Brisbane with Children

Moving to Brisbane with Children: What Do You Need to Know? When moving with children it’s normal to focus on their needs and how they will adjust to a new environment. Luckily Brisbane is a very family friendly city to live in, especially if you find the right suburb...

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Off-Market Homes – Why Do They Exist?

I am seeing more and more off-market opportunities arise here in the inner city suburbs of Brisbane.  People often ask about off-market properties - why they exist and how do I find out about them? Why would someone sell off-market? Divorce – For privacy reasons,...

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