Next webinar – 10am, Friday the 19 of April 2024

Presenter – Jayne Robbins, Principal and Buyer’s Agent – The Informed Buyer

You can view a recording of the previous quarterly webinar on YouTube here.

If you already own property in Brisbane or are considering purchasing property in Brisbane then our Brisbane Property Market webinars are a must. In our upcoming webinar we will cover:


      • Economic impacts on the Brisbane Property Market

      • Brisbane Property Market Changes

      • Brisbane Property Market Predictions for 2024 and beyond

    Jayne is known for her easy to understand delivery of data having come from a corporate background role that required her to present and advise on financial information to senior management. Jayne provides her insights in a concise, clear and enjoyable way providing on-the-ground examples and first-hand evidence.

    Jayne will be ready to answer any specific questions you have on the day. If you have a topic of interest, be sure to let us know in the registration from below. Book your place in our exclusive webinar event today.