I see it all the time – a perfectly-styled home, candles scenting the air, strategically closed blinds and back doors firmly shut to drown out the traffic noise. We are all becoming more accustomed to these well-known open home tactics inside the home. But there are also some other things outside the home that should be considered before pursuing the property further.

Here are three important items you should consider before purchasing a property.


If you step over one of these in the gutter outside the home you need to be carefully considering water impact on the property. Here in Brisbane we have heavy storms that lead to large amounts of water having to escape down these drains. If one of these is near your new home you are potentially at the lowest point on the street and need to consider if the drainage requirements are sufficient.

Check the flood maps to see if your potential home is at risk of flooding. Speak to the neighbours about the impact of heavy rains on the street.

Check for drains in the gutter..

Speed bumps

As you drove to the home did you notice any speed bumps or signs indicating ‘local traffic only’? Sure, it’s Saturday and it all seems very relaxed with little to no traffic around, but if you see speed bumps or local traffic signs on the street you need to consider why there is a need for them.

Do your research. Visit the home around school time and during peak hour traffic and speak to the neighbours. You’ll need to understand if you are potentially purchasing a home in a Brisbane ‘rat run’.


Manholes are dead giveaway that ‘spaghetti’ is under the ground – that includes pipes, networks and other types of infrastructure. A manhole gives you a clue that whatever it is under the ground will also restrict future renovations and additions to the home.

There are a number of online reports that can help you understand what lies underground at a property. These reports should be run before any property purchase as the presence of underground spaghetti could seriously impact value and future potential of the home.

What is under that fresh mulch?
What is that under the fresh mulch?

These are just a few things to consider when purchasing a property here in Brisbane before you even set foot through the front door. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the street appeal, the nice neighbours, the green grass and flower pots, but make sure you are looking past these eye catching items and noticing the bigger ticket long-terms things that may impact you whilst living in the home.

Note: I originally posted this article on Linkedin – see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/3-things-you-should-look-before-even-enter-front-door-jayne-robbins/