Domain’s 2019 Liveable Brisbane study* ranked Alderley as Brisbane’s most liveable suburb and the most liveable suburb for young families. For access to cafes, schools, public transport, and employment, airport noise, traffic congestion, crime rate, walkability, open space, tree cover and accessibility to the beach or coast it scored an incredible 10 out of 10.

Residents agree that Alderley is a convenient suburb located only 7.2km from the CBD and close to major tunnels but what they love most is the peacefulness and leafiness of the suburb and the sense of community that exists. Alderley has charming homes, beautiful parks, cafes, a train station and all the amenities that you’d expect in a most liveable suburb.

Alderley Homes

Alderley is an appealing suburb because it has retained many of its charming, character homes as well offering luxury, modern, architectural masterpieces as well as a range of townhouses and apartments. Whether you want a classic or contemporary home, Alderley has something for every taste. 

Alderley has a proud history and several of its historical homes are now heritage listed. These include grand old Farrington House, Strathearn, and Braeside House.

Why We Love Alderley

  • It has its own train station, and this gives residents a speedy and convenient mode of transport that so many suburbs in Brisbane lack. It also has reliable bus routes and is just a stone’s throw from the CBD, Brisbane’s tunnels, and other key locations such as Brisbane Airport.
  • It has great parks all around including the renowned Banks St Reserve, which offers bushwalks, bikeway and plenty of outdoor activities. Kedron Brook bike path, Grange Forest, Alderley Grove Park, Wilmington Park, Bermingham Street Park, and Greenhills Park. Quarry Park, Sedgley Park and Grinstead Park are all parks in Alderley with playgrounds and picnic facilities.
  • Shopping, dining, and cinema experiences are just a short distance away at Alderley Plaza, Wilston Village and Newmarket Village.

*Authored by Deloitte Access Economics and Tract Consultants

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