So, you’ve decided you’re moving to Brisbane….

And why not? Brisbane has such an enviable quality of life and so much on offer for families. Renowned as Australia’s third largest city and the capital of Queensland. The city has a more friendly and easy-going lifestyle compared to Sydney and Melbourne. However, it still has all the benefits of a large city.

So, why are so many people moving to Brisbane? Its sub-tropical climate, lower cost of living, affordable housing, growing dining scene and proximity to natural landmarks makes this city extremely liveable. And with the Olympics coming in 2032 a whole host of new developments and infrastructure are underway. All of these features have combined to bring Brisbane front and centre as one of Australia’s most coveted family-friendly places to live.

What Suburbs Should I Consider When Moving to Brisbane?

There are great suburbs to consider when moving to Brisbane. However, if you’re new to the area you may not know which one is right for your family. Moving to the wrong suburb could be a costly mistake both financially and emotionally. On the other hand, moving to a suburb that suits your needs will definitely ease the transition. And it will make you feel like you are home from the get-go.

Moving to Brisbane – Buyer Considerations

There are some elements you should look at when finding the right Brisbane suburb for you and your family. Brisbane is a large city and you really need to consider whether the North side or the South side is the right area for you.

The commute

Commute time to work is one of the first things that re-locating families should consider. The time it will take you to get to and from work can significantly impact the quality time you have with family and friends.

School catchment

Equally as important as your commute is selecting the right school for your children. You’ll want to ensure that the suburb you choose has access to good schools that suit your family and budget. You can find out more about Brisbane’s school catchments here.


Does your family like to mountain bike? Do you have small children that you want to take to playgrounds to meet other families? Do you have children that want to play club netball, hockey, cricket, soccer or rugby? Do you want to live in a suburb that has a leafy aspect? Whatever your answers, you’ll want to find a suburb that meets those various requirements.

Transport and connectivity

Access to transport is another important factor re-locating families need to get right. Do you want to cycle, drive, walk or catch public transport to work and school? Brisbane does not have a train station in every suburb so knowing each suburb’s transport options and walkability is important.

Knowing the suburbs that have the best cycle paths may also be important for transport and recreational needs. Does your family want to escape the cities on weekends and require quick access to the coast? Knowing the suburbs that have direct links to motorways might need to be considered.


Finally, are you looking for a suburb that offers access to certain amenities? Are you wanting to settle in a suburb that offers a café culture? Maybe, you want a suburb that’s near a large shopping centre? No two Brisbane suburbs are the same so gaining insight from a local expert may be the most valuable advice you ever receive.

Our Pick of the Best Family-Friendly Suburbs in Brisbane

Some of the best family-friendly suburbs in Brisbane are located within 10 kilometres from the CBD. Here’s our pick of the best suburbs in Brisbane:

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The Role of a Buyer’s Advocate in Brisbane

Before you dive into suburb searching it is helpful to get advice on what suburbs fall within your budget. Otherwise, you could be wasting valuable time and money focusing on areas that are outside your affordability.

You also don’t want to miss out on a suburb you think is out of your budget but in fact isn’t. With the right advice you can adjust your search to make the most of your budget.

As a Brisbane buyer’s agent our team has in-depth local knowledge and fantastic insight into Brisbane suburbs. Check out our suburb profiles to find out specific information about the suburbs you’re considering before moving to Brisbane. And read our moving to Brisbane blog which can help you get started. Contact us to see what suburb is right for you.

As a specialist Brisbane Buyer’s Agent, we can guide you through one of the most important decisions of your life.